Our Little Pantry Project

For awhile you may have heard us talking about our pantry reveal (especially on twitter and facebook).  We are finally ready to reveal it.

Haven’t seen the before? No worries… we shot a quick video to give you the details… {Warning: It is super cheesy}


 So, as you can see our pantry was lacking both organization and style. Since we usually keep the door open just for ease when cooking and for the pets, we really wanted to create a space that had some design taste and organization inside. There were no plans to go overboard, after all it is a pantry, but a small budget of around $50 sufficed!

Here’s the breakdown & budget…

– New Rug $10.00 from Target (In store Only)

– New Curtain $9.99 from Target

– New (used canisters) $6.00 from Goodwill

– Accessories (we already had) FREE

– New Canvases for DIY Art $6.00

– New Letters $4.00 from Joann Fabrics

– Spray Paint $4.00 (we already owned)

-Wall Paint (we already owned) FREE

– Shelving Labels $4.00 from Joann Fabrics

Contact Paper $5.00 from Target

Total: $44.99

Here’s a little bit more detail about the little DIY Project…

First, we cleaned out the pantry… fun fun!

We then painted the accent color on the back wall in between the pantry shelves. We really wanted to keep most of the pantry white because it feels more open, crisp and clean that way. Painting the back wall of the shelves really just gives the space a hint of color.

Sometimes a little bit can go a long way. This is true with contact paper, instead of painting the shelves, we decided to just stick the contact paper on each one for extra durability, plus we can always change out the look easily that way. We only bought one roll and it went the distance perfectly!

In the name of organization, a small detail was added to help us keep the clutter out and keep things in its place. We fixed metal labels to each shelf to help us locate a specific item and place it back in the right spot. These labels can be found in an arts & crafts store and range from around $2 to $4 depending on the quantity and size. (I actually had an inspiration for this piece to the pantry puzzle… younghouselove reorganized their cabinets awhile back). We used Gorilla Glue’s Super Glue to hold the labels in place. (They truly have the most amazing glue products… stay tuned for a giveaway).

Dressing up the space was fun and easy! We added the bright aqua rug for comfort and color. Then to eliminate the view to the storage area when guests are over, we picked up this aqua and white shower curtain. It happened to be a little too long so I hemmed it up in a flash and hung it up! We absolutely adore it because it adds more color and is functional for keeping our storage out of sight!

We added a few accessories on the shelving unit for fun… who said a pantry has to be boring! Plus, Kevin is right; I do like to accessorize my accessories! Anyways, I had most of the accessories in my cabinets, except for the aqua and pink canister set, which I happen to be crazy about! For only $6.00 they were a “must have”! In addition to adding personality to the pantry, they are coming out of the closet and onto the counter tops when spring arrives!

Last but not least, the artwork! We decided that we really didn’t want to over accessorize or glamorize this space. It really is all about function and budget and less about over styling. I actually graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design and LOVE TO PAINT! I should make more time for painting, but being an interior designer, blogger and wife keeps me pretty busy. I did take out the old acrylics for this small project though!

Here’s a little tutorial…

I grabbed two canvases (which happen to be on clearance… score), some spray paint, my paint brush and some acrylics and got to work.

First, I created a stencil design on Photoshop, printed it out, cut and taped it together making sure the design would fit the entire canvas. I also cut out utensil stencils (that rhymed) to layer on top.

Next, I spray painted on top of the stencil lightly to make it look a little more eccentric and not so “planned”.

Then I placed the utensil stencils on top of the canvas and spray over the stencil making sure it would be a “clean” design. We just thought utensils would be fitting in the pantry…


I love quirky artwork that isn’t so “tight” and shows the overall creativity of the artist. In no way is this “best work” or a showcase of my artistic talents, it’s just fun and lighthearted! I added a pearlescent shadow around each of the utensils and ta dahh…

The artwork brings in color, pattern and fun, while also hiding ugly electrical panels…

The other artwork was the “E-A-T” letters on the back wall. I love all things letters (which you can probably tell from other photos from our house) and thought this would be a fun way to add character to the space. At only $4 total, the letters were totally in the budget! With a little spray paint (same color we used on this chair), we were in business!

With a little bit of time, creativity and $50, we managed to make our pantry organized, clean & stylish!

What do you think? Do you have a large pantry you don’t know what do with? How do you keep your food clutter clean? DO TELL.

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Images and Video Courtesy of A Design Story, LLC.

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  1. Love your pantry project. You do such a great job of adding the little touches to finish a project. Very inspiring. Totally off topic- where did you get your sweatshirt in the video? I have the exact same body time as you and often have trouble fitting to it. Where do you shop? (I’m KtL33 from Twitter)

  2. I just love “little” pantry projects! You are so clever here too. Very pretty!


  3. candice woodworth says:

    I love this posting!! i mean who would have thought to make your pantry fancy…. i love it because it is a well visited aspect of the home but decor wise its forgetton…. i love the feeling that it brings to see yours so upbeat yet very relaxing!! i love it!!! thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. I love the pantry. It is Great to have it done like that , it truly is now a part of the house not just a closet !! You did a great job. I love all the special touches you use. I also really like your art work….

  5. Looks great! I love the artwork your made — super creative! 🙂

  6. Wow. You are so thrifty! I especially like the stenciling. That is tedious!

  7. Your pantry looks fantastic! You are so lucky to have such a large room!!!

  8. I am hosting a “Trash to Treasure” party over at Sassy Sites! You should come by and join in! 🙂 xoxo!- Marni

  9. Great ideas!

  10. O I really love what you did! Great job.

  11. Lindsay!

    I LOVE it! Nice job!! Where in the world did you get those letters for only $4 though?? Scott and I actually wanted to do the same thing on a tiny wall in our kitchen!!

  12. this looks incredible! i have that same shower curtain in my basement, dividing the coffeehouse area from the laundry room. i wish i had a pantry this big to not just make functional but beautiful!

    • Danae,

      Thanks for stopping by! I am absolutely blessed by my pantry… it is so big! I am so thankful for it!! Funny… you have the same shower curtain… I adore it!

  13. You have the same contact paper that I have from Target! You have great taste 😉 I love you organized pantry. I’m sure it was fun to do the artwork to cover everything up – so clever! It’s a really big pantry too! You are so fortunate to have that big of a space! Great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

    • Becky,

      How funny! We have great taste!! The artwork was a blast…. except I had paint from one side of me to the other 😉 I absolutely love my pantry size too… in fact our home has no storage problem… we have plenty of closets… true blessing!

  14. LIndsay-
    Your little pantry is ADORABLE!!! Love the colors, love the contact paper, love the wall art! Very cute and very organized!

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