Design Crush: Painted Interior Doors

As an interior designer, I can accomplish {and have} a broad range of design styles, even if they aren’t ‘my taste’. Designing for a client allows me to work out my talent & passion while giving me the ability to “play” with styles other than my ‘own’.  I gather inspiration all the time & keep cut outs, files & even sketch out ideas both for myself and future clients. I love it.

It’s no secret that Kevin and I have become night owls… it happened when we were dating and we have kind of carried it into our marriage. It works great for me, but Kevin gets up WAY before I do so sometimes we ‘try’ and go to bed before midnight. Most of the time we fail at that because 2 episodes of Friends comes on at 11 and that show is a classic. As always, when we watch TV, no matter if it is a design show or not, I always look at the interiors/ set design for inspiration. I absolutely love the apartment that Rachel and Monica ‘lived’ in…

I LOVE THAT DOOR. Who doesn’t, right? It is iconic!

I also love the aqua door with the “L” on it @ the Lilly Pulitzer stores…

I love a bright pop of color, especially when it’s in a totally unexpected place…  like a door…

 We’ve all dreamed of living in a super white house with a front door painted red at some point in our lives life, right? Surely, I’m not the only one? Painted front doors have been a fast and easy way to add curb appeal to a house for years, but when is the last time you were guided to paint your interior doors fun hues?? Time and time again they go overlooked… why not have some fun?

Here comes an inspiration overload… look @ these fun doors…

– Who wouldn’t be cheerful in this space? Sunny doors…

– Um… Aqua, what more could I possibly say!

– Bold & Bright… {Especially with that flat black wall}

– These light lavender doors make this room feel fresh & crisp…

– I absolutely love these buttery yellow doors… beautiful…

– How fun would a bright pink door be in a girl’s room?? So fun!

– I love this intense green door… it just screams at ya!

– I am usually not a ‘red’ gal, but these doors make me think of red lipstick {you know that finishing touch?}

– Turqouise… yes, please!

– I absolutely adore barn doors… especially bright yellow one’s!

– Modern & a pop of pink…

– Classic black… I love the high-contrast!

– The idea of painting your entire front door {front & back} is great because it gives your home curb appeal and visual interest in your entryway!

– I love the repetition: yellow doors, yellow bench & yellow border around the rug!

– Who doesn’t love to doodle? {It can’t just be me} I heart a door you can write on!

– In addition to aqua, I love a good green shade! This door makes me think of spring…

Over the past few years, I have designed many a space with painted doors & trim.. black, sage green, navy blue… It truly gives a space a pop of color and instant character! Plus, painting a door won’t break the budget and will give you immediate visual interest!

Well, now that my secret crush on painted doors is out, I am thinking about painting our pantry door a fun aqua color… I may even add a fun frame with an M in the middle just for fun!

What do you think? Love, hate, have a crush on these beauties like I do? DO TELL.

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  1. That pink door into the girls room is just fabulous! I love the idea of painting your pantry door. Or maybe the inside of a guest bathroom door? A nice little colorful surprise for your guests when they walk in!

    • Dianne,

      The pink is so cute for a girls room. I am glad you like the idea of painting the pantry door… I need to get my hubby on board and it is so done!! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. This has me feeling like a little turquoise behind the door in the little room. I wonder how much I have left, it is a three day weekend after all!

    • Felicity, I totally agree. I have a huge obsession with all things turqouise & aqua… my pantry door is practically begging for some aqua love 😉 Let me know if you paint your door… We wanna see pics!

  3. these doors make me inspired. great collection of pictures lindsay!

  4. I love colored doors and have been thinking about doing one in my home. I just have to figure out which one I want it to be!

  5. I LOVE THIS POST. I want to break out my paint brushes and color my doors pretty this weekend!

  6. I really enjoyed seeing all of the color on the interior doors. I like the yellow doors. We decided to paint our new doors after viewing your blog post. We purchased some beautiful door hardware in oil rubbed bronze at
    Thanks again!

  7. Need help with my doors. Should I paint the trim as well as the doors or just the doors to match near enough the walls in a Clunch farrow and ball colour. which I could add some photos to this.

  8. These doors are cute! They make the room more inviting and lively. I hope I have at least one of these on my future home.

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