Blogiversary I: Seven Links

I have been blogging now for over a year now and I feel as though there is so much more to learn still! Awhile back, I purchased Pro Blogger’s E-Book ’31 Days to Build a Better Blog’ in my quest to get my feet wet a little more {ok maybe drenched}. There’s always so much more to learn and I try to acquire all the tips I can from ProBlogger so that my readers are getting the best from me {always}.

On one of my {many} ProBlogger tip searches, I came across the Seven Links Challenge {and even though the challenge is over} I thought I might play along! I actually have known about it for awhile and saved the post for the good ol’ Blogiversary!

Here are the categories:

– Your first post

– A post you enjoyed writing the most

– A post which had a great discussion

– A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written

– Your most helpful post

– A post with a title that you are proud of

– A post that you wish more people had read

 So, here we go! Let’s reminisce a bit, shall we?

My first post was long and detailed. It was purely about interior design & color. I had actually taken what I had learned during college and applied it to a post. Ever Felt Suddenly Felt Safe or Re-Engergized, It May be Your Decor!  Basically, color has a ton effects, both good & bad, and generally interior designers {good ones} know what color to use where and why. It is really important to follow this especially in kitchens, offices, healthcare spaces & children’s areas. Well, I took it one step further and gave you the entire run down of the most commonly used color choices and their effects… that way in case you don’t have an interior designer on hand, you are good to go!

My favorite thing about the post: I really didn’t have to go back and check my notes to know what the true color effects are, I guess I have used the info enough it just jumped onto the virtual page! They weren’t any comments on this post… in all honesty; it was a lot to take in! 

This is actually a really difficult question to answer. My blog is really an online diary of our interior design stories and yours, and it is also a virtual sketchbook for interior design inspiration, tips & tricks! It truly is supposed to equip you with design knowledge and give you creative ideas to start designing your own interior story! That being said, I actually have really enjoyed writing every post! Plus, I have met some incredible people throughout this year [through the blog} that have enriched my life and gave me more energy to pursue my passion.

So… back to a post I enjoyed writing {the most}… Well, since I enjoy providing my readers with great interior design tips {that you can totally trust}, I would say one of my most enjoyed was Adding Color without Paint. There are so many people out there who rent and just can’t break out the paint brush whenever they want. I had heard it over & over through emails & comments how much some wanted to pop in some color to their spaces and couldn’t do it with paint…. Funny, not a single comment was made… but the post must have been really good because a top blogger “borrowed” this post a few short weeks later. 

This question too was a little complicated since there are quite a few posts that had some really good discussions happening…

I would say my Pantry Reveal had some fun discussions about organization and design. I do have an honorable mention for this one too: We Got Comforted. A few posts ago, I mentioned just getting a new comforter for our master bedroom and how we need to repaint it now… a couple of readers gave me their two cents on which color they liked the best for the room. It was kind of fun!!


I had to go searching through my faves for this one! There are a ton of blogs I follow on a weekly daily basis, many posts of which I wish I would have gotten o first! Like this one about Couponing last week on Younghouselove. I actually had a post very similar written and was sitting in my drafts folder when I popped in on their blog and saw theirs. I guess it doesn’t mean I can’t publish mine, but I really enjoy the direction they went too!

P.S. John & Sherry are really fun to keep up with & follow.

This is a tough one too since this is kind of subjective… Well, aside from the post I mentioned above, Adding Color without Paint, I have had quite a few posts offering out interior design tricks of the trade. Well, my most helpful had to be called just that… Tricks of the Trade & its purpose was to help you think like a designer!

I must admit… I have a couple few honorable mentions here:

20 Don’ts in Decorating {a How-To in Reverse}

Adding Function & Retaining Style

Linear Love {How to Paint Stripes}

Facts about Finishes {Paint Sheen Info}

Cover Up Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 {Window Treatment Series}

Sometimes I can be a bit ‘goofy’ and sometimes I slide right in with a literal title. Just depends. I would have to mention “You’ll Get the Hang of it”. The art of displaying your collections, whether it is art, dishes or vases, can be difficult if you don’t know the best way to present them stylishly.

I don’t know if you have been to the grocery store lately, if you have, you probably noticed EVERYTHING has gone up in price. This isn’t so fun when you are standing at the checkout line and thinking about the rug you could have been with what you just paid for a week’s worth of groceries and cleaning supplies. I would say the post on Green & Clean, Homemade Cleaners would be the one I wish more had read. Plus, with many going green & trying to stick to a budget, these cleaning products are inexpensive and chances are you have most of them already!


Now let me ask you, what’s your favorite post YOU have written or read? 

Fellow bloggers, what post are you dying to get more to read? Maybe a yummy recipe or a sharp looking DIY project?  DO TELL.

Readers, how about you? Have a favorite post of mine or someone else’s you saved on your faves? Take a peek at your bookmarks and do tell!!

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